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Degrees and experience

My name is Danielle Hudson BSc MSc Vet Phys MNAVP and I proudly run my own veterinary physiotherapy business.  

I am fully covered by professional and public liability insurance and a registered National Association of Veterinary Physiotherapy (NAVP) and Registered Animal Musculoskeletal Practitioner (RAMP) member.

I am a Newcastle University Animal Science BSc graduate of 2018 and continued my studies at Harper Adams University to obtain my post-graduate veterinary physiotherapy certificate in 2021. In September 2021 I successfully gained my masters degree after submitting my masters research project, 'The effect of three times weekly core exercises on the stride length, tracking up distance and Longissimus dorsi hypertonicity of the fit National Hunt Thoroughbred.'



I have owned my own thoroughbred since I was 12 and worked in the thoroughbred racing industry for 8 years since the completion of my A levels and throughout university life. I have worked in flat and National Hunt yards and continue to do so in my free time. Working within this industry has enabled me to see and feel the physiological demand competitive training has on these athletes. This has allowed me to develop understanding and knowledge in competitive equine sport and acquire an empathetic approach when treating them. 


Having had dogs my entire life and currently having a Labrador, Cockerdor and a 'mongrel', has enabled me to appreciate how individualised each dog is in terms of training, nutrition, exercise, mental stimulation and affection. This has enabled me to develop an individualised approach towards dogs which come for veterinary physiotherapy.

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