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Canine services

The facts

Canine physiotherapy

- Static assessment 

​-  Dynamic assessment 

- Joint range of motion assessment 

- Palpation

- Treatment 

- Rehabilitation/conditioning programme

Clinic days at voodoo k9 academy

Teaming up with Voodoo K9 Academy to bring you canine physiotherapy, hydrotherapy & training all on one site!

Physio clinic to be held on one week day and late evening  at Voodoo K9 Academy:

14, Skillion Business Centre, Langley Moor, Littleburn Industrial Estate, Durham DH7 8HG

hydrotherapy at voodoo k9 academy

Hydrotherapy introduction

​- Conducted by Mia who is a qualified hydrotherapist, experienced in handling and training working & pet dogs.

- A trainers approach striving to improve swimming comfort & confidence. 

- Performed in a large heated pool (5m x 3m), great for any size dog!

- Offering a FREE shower, shampoo & drying service post-hydro for ultimate pup satisfaction.

Hydrotherapy fun & fitness

​- A fun way to improve cardiovascular fitness for all ages!

- This non-weight bearing exercise is amazing for promotion of healthy joints & muscle strengthening.

- Hydro is favourable to be used alongside land-based exercises to create a cross-training exercise schedule, fantastic for working dog fitness & mental stimulation!

Contact Mia directly:


Price list

Canine physiotherapy: £45* 

* Discount for group bookings

Hydrotherapy introduction: £40

Hydrotherapy fun/fitness swim: £35

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