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Canine physiotherapy

Everything you need to know & do


does your dog show any of the following?

Signs of pain & weakness:

- Lameness (limping)

- Withdrawn behaviour 

- Fatigue & tiredness 

- Reluctance to exercise 

- Struggle standing from lying 

- Loss of condition 

- Loss of muscle 

- Scuffing or dragging of toes 

- Increased stumbling or tripping

- Inability to stand for a few minutes 

- Struggle to climb stairs or jump onto the sofa

If yes, then your dog can definitely benefit from veterinary physiotherapy!

Veterinary physiotherapy can help to rehabilitate the following injuries & conditions:

- Osteoarthritis​

- Hip & elbow dysplasia​

- Degenerative myelopathy​

- Intervertebral disc disease​

- Cruciate ligament disease or rupture

- Spinal surgery​

- Patellar luxation

- Joint replacements​

- Fractures​

- Soft-tissue tears, strains, lacerations, abrasions, swelling & bruising

Rehabilitative conditions & injuries

What to expect

initial appointment

What you need to do

Prior to treatment I will require completion of a consent form which includes

- Owner consent form. This provides formal consent for veterinary physiotherapy treatment and enables me to discuss treatment with your Veterinary surgeon. 

- Consent to holding of personal details and data where necessary.

- Veterinary consent if your dog has a current injury or condition. 

The consent form can be found below.

Initial assessment - 45 minutes to 1 hour

Firstly I will assess your dog both statically & dynamically, recording how they are physiologically 'put together' and how they move, this includes assessment of movement for each joint.


Palpation of all superficial muscles, tendons, ligaments, bone and skin enables me to assess for heat, pain, tension, swelling, scar tissue and irregularities.

Based on my findings alongside current and previous veterinary notes and history I will treat accordingly and devise an individualised home rehabilitation/strengthening/conditioning programme.


My findings of the initial assessment, treatment and home programme will then be given to you either electronically or by hard copy. If necessary I shall update your vet on my findings and course of action.

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